Channels never create demand, they only fulfill it, no matter how much founders wish otherwise.
Marc Andreessen, in a great response to Danielle Morrill
She could have run off and been a startup co-founder and “CEO,” but what kind of power is that, really? Running around Silicon Valley begging VCs for a handout; pitching weary journalists on another software product; building everything from the ground up and never knowing if people will actually use it. That’s not power, folks; that’s just working like a dog, and it’s a gamble at best, no matter who’s doing it.
And because the framework is based on Node.js, developers don’t have to worry about connection issues or scale.
But the world is going app crazy. Apps apps apps. Have a website? Not good enough! You need an app… I don’t get it. I was too young to remember the .com bubble but I imagine it was like this. The whole thing is going to burn down the same way… in a good way. Like a forest fire that fertilizes the ground.
Loren Brichter